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Linda Rodante

Mother’s Miracle of the Feast of Tabernacles

Someone gave mother an RV. I remember my husband, Frank, reacting after mother called to share another miracle with us. She’d prayed for one ever since she and another woman began traveling from state to state ministering at nursing homes.

They drove all over the southeast to sing and preach at any home that opened the doors–and they all did. Mother’s heart went out to the senior citizens caught in fate most (if not all) never wanted. Bible

Frank’s enthusiasm echoed hers. “Can you believe this?” he asked me, his voice arced high. “Someone at a revival gave–gave–her the money for a new RV.  They’ll be no stopping her now! And I’ve got an RV handle for her. The Holy Roller.”

Of course, Mother loved that handle–and used it. She and Frank, along with both my sons, have this enthusiastic side to their personalities. God used that enthusiasm greatly.

Sometime later, I received another excited phone call. She said she was going to Israel for the Feast of Tabernacles. “And what is that?” I asked, wondering if she was sane these days. Even my own salvation didn’t help my skepticism. My analytical side was showing. “I don’t know,” she replied, “but the Lord said go and I’m going.”

Even I had to admire the spunk and faith she had. But still… “What makes you think God told you to go, and how are you going to afford this?” Living on no income as she was didn’t bode well for a trip overseas.

“When I got up this morning God told me to turn to Acts 18:21, and it says ‘I must by all means keep this feast that comes in Jerusalem: but I will return again unto you, if God wills.” And the study guide that goes along with this Bible says he was talking about the Feast of Tabernacles. What about that?”

“Well, I think you need more confirmation than that.”

“And I got it!” She enthused. “When I went to church this morning, a friend ran up to me and shoved Smith Wiggleworth’s devotional under my nose and told me to read it. You know what it said?” Her voice rose high and alive.

I sighed. “Let me guess. Acts 18:21?”

“Yes! And you know what day it was written for?”

“September 23.” Which was not a hard guess for me since that was today’s date.

“And you know what day it is?”

“Yes, mother. It’s your birthday.”

She left for Jerusalem soon after.


Linda Rodante is the author of The Dangerous Series: Amber Alert, As Long As You Both Shall Live, Splashdown and Looking for Justice are Christian romantic suspense books on sale at Amazon.
Blog: Writing for God; Fighting Human trafficking: lindarodante.wordpress.com
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One comment on “Mother’s Miracle of the Feast of Tabernacles

  1. Linda Rodante
    July 30, 2013

    If you want to know more about the Feast of Tabernacles, check out this site. My brother, Edward, saw mother on TV that year during a news report on the Feast. She was carrying and waving a banner that said “Jesus!” http://int.icej.org/feast-tabernacles/about-feast

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