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Linda Rodante

*Making a Decision to Stand

Since the debates are on, I thought I would repost this blog. Remember it’s a repost.

I saw another politician fall this week. I was shocked when I saw who it was, and actually waited for the next news cast to make sure I was right.

This person (not naming who) has stood strong for what is right in the face of many obstacles. However, as the news media read a list of those who had changed their mind on a piece of legislation, this person’s name–the person for whom I’ve had so much respect–lead the list.


When I use the above title “Making a Decision to Stand,” I’m stealing from Pastor Ken Pippin’s sermon of a few months ago. As the culture here in America changes and moves farther from God, what are we, as Christians, going to do?

Ephesians 6:10-13 says that having done all to stand, stand. This is in the context of putting on the armor of God, of being strong in the Lord, of being a warrior.

In order for us to stand these days, we need a few things. First, we must know for whom we’re standing. Who is this God we serve? Do we know Him?  Second, we must know for what we’re standing. Is there a right and wrong, an absolute truth? We can only know both if we’ve spent some serious time in God’s Word, in prayer and in seeking Him.

When the Bible refers to warriors or to soldiers, it is not referring to weak-willed, wishy-washy Christians.  If we are to stand in these days, we will have make a concerted effort to stay close to Him and to stay in the Word.

Thirdly, we must surrender our will to His. Will you allow your decisions to be governed by Him? Do you trust Him that much? Are you sure of His love and His truth?

If these questions make you uneasy, then I would say “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman who needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2Tim 2:15)  Because the root of the problems in America are not in our politicians, but in our churches, and in the hearts and minds of God’s people.

(If you want to hear the sermon on “A Decision to Stand” and what it means to be committed to God go to hpfcag.sermon.net.  Pastor Ken Pippin is the pastor of Highest Praise Family Church in Tarpon Springs.)


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