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Linda Rodante

*What are the Unsearchable Riches Christ has for Us?

In Ephesians 3:8, Paul tells us he was given the privilege of preaching to the Gentiles the “unsearchable riches of Christ.”


Strong’s Concordance indicates that this is not the same word as used in Romans 11:33–“how unsearchable are his judgments.” Here, unsearchable means something close to inscrutable or impossible to understand.

When we investigate the word “unsearchable” in Ephesians, we come to this: It is something not tracked out.  Part of the word means no or not, another part means origin, or the place where action starts (and proceeds from), the third part of the word means a track.

Say you’re hiking in Colorado–as my son is doing this weekend–and what do you do when you see a track? You begin hiking it, walking on it, stepping forward to see where it leads. Exactly the same here. Christ’s riches are something we should be waling in, but we haven’t. According to the scripture, Paul was supposed to preach (to tell the Gentile churches) about the riches they had not walked in.

Riches are usually associated with money, treasure, or economic wealth; but what Christ has for us is so much more. Joy, love, strength, confidence, a change of nature that can make a murderer into a saint–that changed Saul to Paul (read Acts).

The astounding thing here is that these riches are here for us, but we’ve not walked in them, not searched them out. So, how can we walk in the depth of God’s love and goodness and joy? In power and strength and transformation?

A simple solution that takes dedication, time and commitment. Hard things these days. But the reward! Beyond belief.  And God is waiting for us to do it. We must make Him a priority by putting aside the time to seek Him, to pray, and most of all to study the Word. When we do this, we shall begin to step out into what He has for us, to hike the path to His greatness and to find the riches. Until then, we have only an inkling of it and maybe not even that.


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