Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

*Online Meeting Sets Teens Up for Prostitution and Human Trafficking

HT victimAccording to a Tampa Bay Times article, a 33 year old man held two 16-year-old teens against their will to force them into prostitution. One of the girls said she was afraid of being shot if she tried to leave the motel room the man took them to. They had met online, and later he posted one of the girls pictures online with his telephone number.

Parents need to make their daughters aware of what is happening in the world today. Human Trafficking in America is the second-fastest growing criminal activity right behind drugs. It is fast becoming number one because, unlike drugs, people can be bought and sold again and again.

Sex these days sells everything–from cars to mayonnaise (see Kraft’s new ads). As parents, we need to give our children guidelines which include online supervision. We also should be living Godly lives ourselves. The Capital One card’s ad phrase “What’s in your wallet?” could translate into “What are you watching, parents?” Online, on video, on TV, at the movies?  If parents watch ungodly sex, their children will know (yes, they will!), and dismiss all the caution you give them.

Information is key. Be in the know. Keep your children (boys and girls) informed–the head-in-the-sand day is past–and please, practice what you preach!


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