Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

*Human Trafficking and Christians

Why has human trafficking exploded in our country?

Think about this: When President Reagan was in office (1981-1989, about 25 years ago), most hard-core pornography was made outside the United States. At that time, we tried to keep pornography out of the country. President Reagan had a task force, and they prosecuted those that dealt in pornography. Since that time, under most other Presidents, there has been no prosecution to speak of. Of course, today with the Internet it’s impossible to keep these things out. However, today most of our pornography is made right here in the US.

Pornography mills are another form of human trafficking. Many women, girls, and boys are enslaved and forced to create sex videos. Don’t let anyone fool you, pornography creates a demand for sex.

What has changed in 25 years? Our morals for one thing. Look at our TV and movies, and you will see a morality were sex is a god, where to have sex outside of marriage is considered normal and not shameful. Once you’ve accepted that anything outside the Biblical definition of marriage and sex is okay, you have moved away from God and have started down a road to perversion.

Human trafficking is a direct result of not doing things God’s way. God has established a sowing and reaping in the earth. We are reaping what we have sowed.

As Christians, it comes down to this: How much do we know and love and believe the God of the universe? Do we love our lives, our wants and desires more than Him? For instance, do we tell God no when it comes to our choice of movies? Think of Desperate Housewives on TV, how ungodly was that? Think of Vegas which looks like a type of family show with the good vs evil and then one brother jumps in bed with the mob boss’s daughter. No problem.

We watch fornication, adultery, and sex at the movies. What about the books you read? How shocking is it to us that 50 Shades of Gray — a porno masochistic book for women — is a number one bestseller?

The world holds us in contempt because we say and claim one thing and do another. We condemn them and yet we do the same things they do. We don’t say no to premarital sex or adultery anymore than the world does. Our abortion rates and our divorce rates prove it. When they look at us, they do not see holiness.

So, if we want to do away with human trafficking, you can’t just address the problem of the victims — although that has to be done and definitely should be done. But what America really needs is Christians that act like Christians — the way God wants us to, to stand against ungodly sexuality, to remain pure, and turn our eyes and hearts back to Him.

God is crying out to us — come out from among them and be separate.


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