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Linda Rodante

*There are many reasons why women find themselves in prostitution…

Image  The reblog from survivingprostitution on Stella Marr’s post My Body the City: the Secret Life of a Callgirl is a sharp insight and comment from one who’s been there to any of us willing to think women agree to prostitution.

Survivingprostitution’s blog, Mia De Faoite says, “There are many reasons why women find themselves in prostitution and all of them have nothing to do with feeling empowered, and even if they did feel delusionally empowered, I don’t care if she is offering herself up in a gold bikini on a silver platter in the pent house suite of the Berkeley Court Hotel, no one actually has the right to buy her, period!!”

In her blog, Mia De Faoite goes on to say, “People ask me how many men, I was bought by 4-5 offenders, 2-3 nights a week, at least 45 weeks of the year for 6yrs and that is an equation I will never do in my head.  I’m a survivor of a vicious gang rape, an attack which my friend did not survive and I have never seen the world the same way since.  I was no “sex worker”, I was a trapped mind who lived in a body that no longer belonged to me, in fact I was a disconnected, drug addicted, walking rape victim, we all were.

Some may say that we will never end prostitution, well that doesn’t mean that we do nothing either, unfortunately in this world there will always be people willing to exploit the vulnerable, to make profit off the bodies of other human beings because nobody, not even the most equal societies in the world have found the cure for the human condition and all its complexities.”

Mia goes on to say why we need legislation to criminalize the DEMAND for prostitution. If there was an end to the demand, there would be an end (or almost) to missing, abused, and trafficked women and children.

You’ve said human trafficking is a cancer in our country, in the world. So what will you do today to help?

If you want to read the whole blog, please go to http://survivingprostitution.wordpress.com/2013/03/30/why-ireland-needs-the-criminalisation-of-demand/


Why Ireland Needs the Criminalisation of Demand

by stellamarr

Reblogged from survivingprostitution:


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