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Linda Rodante

ADs Exploiting Your Children

Have you seen the new Victoria’s Secret ad–their ‘pink campaign’? Sexy ads selling teen lingerie. Or the hear about the Ford ad that features half-clad women tied up in the trunk of a car? India (yeah, the country) is protesting the Ford Ad, and someone’s mom (yeah, a mom) is protesting the Victoria’s Secret ads. Anytime you want to join in and help stop the indoctrination of our children into sexual exploitation, please do so. Don’t be deceived into thinking you need more time or that someone else will do it–make a call, send an email, make a Facebook post. Just do it! 🙂 Stop bad advertizing and support the good.


2 comments on “ADs Exploiting Your Children

  1. Sheryl
    March 29, 2013

    It’s an unbelievable onslaught of child exploitation.

    • Linda Rodante
      March 31, 2013

      The exploitation of children is growing along with the exploitation of women. I wonder where all the feminists are now?

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