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Linda Rodante

Is There Empowerment in Pole Dancing?

Sometimes in seeking after something we think is good, we get waylaid by our good intentions. Most women think empowerment is needful, but can it be achieved by emulating women who—in many cases—have no power over their own lives? And with today’s rates of rape, murder, and the sexual trafficking of women, do we want to do it with sex?

Do you remember the case of the Treasure Island pole dancers? Four women in their mid 20s found themselves captive after agreeing to pole dance in an “adult” nightclub. They were later assaulted, raped, and forced to become prostitutes and recruit “johns” from the nightclub. They went through violent physical and sexual abuse, along with mental brainwashing. Is this what we call empowerment?

Saying that pole dancing equals empowerment is degrading to the women caught in this trap. These women, overall, have no power over the men they dance for. The men want one thing, one thing for themselves. It can include violence and other perversions. Believe me, these men are in no way thinking, “Wow, this girl is so good, I should help her become CEO of the place down the street.”

I think The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have made a desperate mistake. And I find I’m in good company. Read Marisa Zanuck’s comments as she slams pole dancing on Sidereel.


2 comments on “Is There Empowerment in Pole Dancing?

  1. mygrava
    February 22, 2013

    I love that line about the CEO! I think pole dancers are largely deluding themselves, and are being fooled by the adult industry who says this in some way “empowers” women!

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