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Linda Rodante

What do Cancer and Sex Assaults have in Common?

It shouldn’t take much for you to figure out this one. Cancer is an invasive, insidious, unnatural growth that kills. Sex assaults are invasive, insidious, unnatural growths that kill women, girls, men, and boys. Yes, all four.

When the Air Force Chief of Staff, Gen. Mark Welch, talks about the growing number of sexual assaults that the Air Force is dealing with–even after a crack down following the sex scandal in its training headquarters–he calls it a cancer. And it is.

Many young female recruits were raped, touched inappropriately, or sexually harassed during their training at Lackland Air Force Base. They weren’t killed (as many victims are these days) because their instructors somehow thought they had a right to do with these young women whatever they wanted–without fear of punishment.

If this isn’t a cancer that has invaded not just our armed forces but also our culture, this what is? It needs to be treated as extremely as cancer is–cutout and eradicated with follow-up similar to radiation and chemotherapy.

I pray that the Air Force–and the rest of the armed forces–determine to eradicate this scourge with as much gusto as they felt after 9-11, because it’s just as dangerous.


One comment on “What do Cancer and Sex Assaults have in Common?

  1. Sheryl
    February 15, 2013

    I had no idea! Great info.

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