Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

What Does Gang Rape, Mutilation, and Murder, in South Africa Have to Do With America?

No one starts out as a murderer. Little boys don’t grow up thinking, “I’ll be a rapist and murderer one day.” However, the culture of America is not far behind South Africa in this area. An increasing number of rapes, especially rape ending in murder, swamp our news and our society. The sexualization of America has forced rape and murder into an everyday occurence.

This past week’s rape, mutilation, and murder of a young girl in South Africa (where sexual violence is rampant, 71% of women reporting sexual abuse according to CNN news) has brought that country to a boiling point. Outrage and mass protestations have flamed across the land.

When are we in America going to wake up to the fact that ungodly sex in our movies, on our TV’s, in our books and in our minds is creating a culture just like that in South Africa–at least before this last horror?

Do we ever think–what if this was my daughter, my granddaughter, my mother or sister? And do we care? God help us if we don’t care.


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