Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Why are Prisoners Allowed to Watch Violent Sex in Prison? And who’s Paying for It?

A woman guard for ten years has protested that the male prisoners where she works should not be allowed to watch violent sex movies. These men are watching rape with violence and murder in our prisons. And you and I are paying for it! Many of these men are incarcerated for just such crimes.

Not only was this female prison guard ignored by prison officials, but she was subjected to taunts and vicious words from the prisoners as they watched these movies, many masturbating in front of her.

Given that approximately 95% of all inmates will be released from prison, do you or I really want them watching this stuff? Do our lawmakers and leaders (those in charge of and at our prisons) somehow think that rehabilitation is a dirty word? Wouldn’t it be a good thing to work on rehabilitation rather than allowing these prisoners to watch more violent crime?

Chuck Colson, who died last year, was a great man and headed up a fantastic prison ministry. Chuck’s ministry stemmed from his own time in prison and his conversion.  It expanded to more than 100 countries and is committed to prison reform and prisoner rehabilitation.

Colson said that in most countries (as in America) the root causes of crime are not dealt with. That we treat criminals like animals, just putting them in cages. And then we expect them to re-enter society and be productive. But there’s only one way to turn a man or woman around, and that’s when he/she turns his life over to Jesus Christ.”

I pray that God will raise up a multitude of Chuck Colson’s in the the next few years. Men who are not afraid to stand up for God and godly principles. You can view his ministry at prisonfellowship.org.


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