Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Safehouses for Victims of Human Trafficking Can Be Targets

Here’s part of email I received today from a group that has safehouses for victims of human trafficking. “At some point last week, a pimp of one of the girls broke into the safehouse and tried to steal ‘his’ girl back. When she fought back and stayed, he retaliated and killed her brother…now the threat is more real than ever. He says if he cannot have her then he will kill everyone at the safehouse.”   They have asked for prayer. 

This is what we are fighting against–pure evil. These days evil abounds within our so-called sexual freedoms. Do you see freedom in the above email? I see slavery and degradation and fear.

Pornography is abundant and violent–especially against women and boys. If watching something over and over did not drive you to do or seek or buy the thing you are watching, then all the ads at Superbowl and every place under the sun where businesses have them would not be there for us to see. Don’t kid yourself. Watching sex acts and violent sex acts drives men (and even some women today) to seek out what has so engrossed them.

Godly, moral men, you need to step up and begin to fight this wherever it raises its ugly head. Stop the violence, stop the rape, stop the killing. Don’t degrade yourself anymore by watching this stuff on TV, the movies, or the internet.

God calls for his people to “Come out from among them.” Please do this by fighting a good fight and standing up against pornography, human trafficking, and ungodly sex.


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