Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

What One Woman Can do to Help in the Vile Crime of Human Trafficking.

*The story of Susana Trimarco reads like a movie. In fact, one day, I hope it is. A mother, whose daughter left home one day to never return, she has changed the laws of human trafficking in Argentina.

*Thanks to her, the exploitation of women for sex is now illegal in Argentina even if prostitution is not. Thirteen people are on trial for kidnapping, holding, and illegally exploiting her daughter. She’s worked ten years for this.  However, her daughter has yet to be found.
*At the time of her daughter’s disappearance, the authorities could have cared less. Forced to do her own investigation, Trimarco began to visit brothels, began discovering the putrid world of human trafficking.

*She began rescuing sex slaves from the brothels. Many of them will be testifying at the trial of her daughter’s kidnappers. Many will tell how they are forced to prostitute themselves in so called “legal” brothels. (We have similar testimony about “legal” brothels in Nevada, in the U.S.)

*Because of Trimarco’s perseverance, the police in her hometown are now faithful in investigating human trafficking, and the Argentina State Department granted money for a foundation in her daughter’s name. It provides housing for victims, as well as medical and psychological help. It has helped rescue nine hundred women from human trafficking so far.
**One woman or one man can make a mountain of difference. Perhaps you?


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