Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Adultery, Fornication Bring Many to Their Knees

How many times do you read of sex between a husband and wife ending a career or dragging a person’s previous good name through the halls of gossip and media abuse? Personally, I can’t remember even one. However, as General Petraeus has found out, sex outside of marriage ruins careers, devastes those you love, and takes your respected name and drags it through every sewer the news can find.

Why don’t we listen to God? Why don’t we curb the ungodly desires that rise in us? We all have them. The time to say “no” is before it gets too embedded in our minds. God says to think about things that are lovely and of good report. Thinking about another person sexually–outside the bounds of marriage–leads in a direction many really don’t want to go.

Sure, sexual attraction to the opposite sex outside of marriage happens and God made it that way; but to dwell on it and fantasize about it just opens a trapdoor under us. This may sound startling and weird to those raised on ungodly sex in everything we see and hear today, but ask your grandmothers and grandfathers if there wasn’t more in their world than sex when they were growing up. Go look at some old movies and TV shows. Father Knows Best, Leave it to Beaver, The Lone Ranger, Roy Rogers–yes, all those old ones that some have held up to ridicule–and look at what they have to say about love and respect and decency and integrity. Then wonder how we came so far from such rich teachings.

The sexuality in America these days harms! It harms children and grownups, and careers and national security! Godly sexuality, on the other hand, enriches the lives of wives and husbands and their children (as offspring of that love and growing up with the respect that remaining faithful to each other brings). It is not a simplistic approach; it is a wellness approach that the Creator of the universe gave us–because it works.


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