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Linda Rodante

Do we need to teach our children how to be pole dancers?

On a recent blog, I stuck in a short paragraph about exercise and the impression it left on me one day. Today’s exercises are not just about getting healthy. So much of it has to do with being and learning to be sexy.

Women, and the small children with them, learn how to wave their butt around, strut, and to make suggestive moves. All innocent? Some, maybe–for those going home to try it on a spouse. But I didn’t hear that type of comment the day I went.

One man said he loved to come and join the exercise class and stay at the back. He got a good look at all the women that way. He certainly didn’t mind telling that to me. Anyone know the definition of a stalker? All he has to do is decide he likes you–and your anatomy–better than the others, and you might have an unwanted friend. Or your child might.

I’m astounded at the new “pole dancing” exercises modeled after pole dancers in sleazy adult bars. Do we really want this as the next “thing” in our exercise classes? Does anyone realize those women in the sleazy bars might be forced slaves of some pimp? That her dancing must attract a john so she can prostitute herself and bring her pimp a certain amount of money before morning?

So do we want to imitate that? Do we want our children to?


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