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Linda Rodante

Small town in Maine arrests prostitute. She’s video-taped over 100 liaison’s. Will the john’s be arrested, too?

The shock in this small tourist town is that their zumba instructor had a business on the side—prostitution. And it appeared to be thriving. Not only was she meeting customers but she video-taped the encounters. A video camera was set up on a tripod in the room. Do you want me to think the johns didn’t know they were being filmed? Hard to believe. Now that their names might be released to the media, they’re a little agitated. It might hurt their families and careers. I wish they’d thought about that before they paid for time with the zumba instructor.

I’m sure zumba is fun, but I went to a class and came away wondering why the instructor felt the need to wave her butt around at women and children. Exercise is great, but does it have to be seductive (or whatever term should apply here), especially when you have young children in the class?

But back to Maine, one quote mentioned that the state of Maine is still puritanical (as if that gives it a bad name! We need more like that these days.). But let’s think about this–a prostitute video taping over 100 sexual encounters and selling them on porn sites? Or so the landlord said. Not too puritanical that.

I just wonder, though, now that the police have arrested the zumba instructor
and her partner, will they arrest the johns? Over a hundred of them. If prostitution is against the law (and I thank God it is in Maine), then they should be arresting all persons appearing on those tapes. Or will it be like it was in Jesus’ day? The Pharisees brought the woman caught in the act of adultery to Jesus. Caught in the act—okay, where was the man she was caught with? Does anyone still see the double standard here? After 2000 years!


One comment on “Small town in Maine arrests prostitute. She’s video-taped over 100 liaison’s. Will the john’s be arrested, too?

  1. Sheryl
    October 10, 2012

    If America keeps going this way, it will be legal everywhere soon anyway! Which is an absolute shame, especially with human trafficking at such a high.

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