Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Stop the Demand!

In an article dated September 15, 2012 by Brett Clarkson for the Sun Sentinel, we learn the horrors of human trafficking in Palm Beach County.

Workers recruited from developing countries are promised jobs paying $7.50 an hour. What they find when they arrive is something different. It’s human slavery.
They are promised a certain job, and arrive with temporary work visas, but are shipped to filthy trailers in Mississippi where they are forced to work 12 hour days doing jobs they did not sign up for.  The trailers often have no electricity or running water. They are told they cannot leave and are often locked and fenced in at night
Human trafficking/slavery is a multibillion dollar business growing so fast it is destined to take over the number one criminal activity—selling illegal drugs. HT comes in many forms: sex slaves, domestic help, nail salon help, hotel service, restaurants, and construction.

What are we doing to stop it? More than ever these days, but somewhere America needs to get hold of her moral values (yes, I said those words—moral values) again and stop the demand for services which feed people’s lust and greed.

That human trafficking is wrong is something we can all agree on even in this political climate.

Copy and paste this address into your search engine to see the whole article from the Sun Sentinel: http://articles.orlandosentinel.com/2012-09-15/news/fl-boca-trafficking-lombardi-20120916_1_human-farm-work-carmen-pino


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