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Linda Rodante

Crimes Against Children–Where Does it Start?

Another news report of another adult male molesting an underage girl (although this type of crime is not limited to girls these days). The man is 28, the girl under 16. Where does it start?

Serial rapist and murderer Ted Bundy confessed to killing and raping 30 women in the ’70’s. His testimony reads like a list of how to’s–how to become a serial rapist and killer.

Bundy  highlights his obsession with pornography starting at the age of ten when he found his first pornographic magazine.

Of course, no one can say any one thing drove Ted Bundy to becoming what he was; however, when some statistics indicate that 70% of those incarcerated for sexual crimes began by viewing pornography, society needs to stop and take notice.

Bundy says he was possessed, and as a Christian, I can believe this. Demonic forces are as real as God. The Bible tells us not to leave an opening for them. Pornography and it’s addiction is a big opening.


One comment on “Crimes Against Children–Where Does it Start?

  1. Sheryl
    September 13, 2012


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