Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Sexuality in America: Man with 30 Kids

*If the amount of human trafficking doesn’t scandalize you, then you must be immune to sexual scandals. After all, after reading graphic details of what then-President Clinton did in the oval office, a lot of people think nothing is sacred anymore. Not God. Not sex within marriage.

*Certainly the man with 30 children doesn’t. Thirty children with eleven women. He brags about it on TV interviews. The eye-opening thing about this is that he wants help from the courts–in not paying his child-support. He says he’s almost broke. So the tax payers should pay for his shacking-up?

*I hope the court tells him no and also tells him that if he can’t keep up with his payments, he’ll go to jail. I mean, if you’re going to “play,” you need to pay–the consequences. What ever happened to think before you act? Of course, America today hates consequences. Even the woman who claims she threw away her winning lottery ticket wants the money anyway. Too bad we all can’t get away with that.

*Is America oversexed, over sinful, or what? And you can’t just fault the man. Here were eleven women willing to have sex with a man that wouldn’t marry them. Maybe they didn’t want to get married either.Today, it’s often on both sides.

*I will say that the man is paying child support. Some of the mothers are getting the whopping amount of $1.49 a month. You read that right. $1.49 a month. And he wants the courts to reduce it. Umm… What can you say to that except that there could be some judge out there who agrees with him?!

*What don’t we understand about God saying sex is a beautiful thing inside of marriage? But outside of marriage, it can destroy. Think STD’s, cervical cancer, abortion, the often poverty of single moms, children raised without fathers, a man with 30 kids that can’t support them.

**God says that “a man who commits adultery (other scriptures say fornication or sexual immorality) lacks judgment; whoever does so destroys himself  (Pro. 6:32).

***Try opening the Book tonight. Read Proverbs 6 and 7 and 1 Cor. 6:9-20.  They’ll make you stop and think. Maybe they’ll make you think before you act.


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