Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Human Trafficking–Stop the Demand

“As the world’s second largest and fastest growing criminal industry, human trafficking has led to the enslavement of nearly 27 million people around the world. To meet the demand in the United States, a person is trafficked over US borders every 10 minutes.” This is from World Relief’s site on human trafficking: http://worldrelief.org/human-trafficking

Community awareness and victim help/rehabilitation are necessary as is the growing number of organizations doing just that.  But what needs to be addressed is the demand.

Men must stand up and say this is wrong. They must turn their backs on the degrading pornography that comes over the internet and even in the movies and into our homes by TV. Fathers must teach their sons that sex is a special gift between two people–it is not just an animal reflect that takes advantage of someone and rips respect and freedom from that person. Slavery is wrong and horrendous in any instance; sexual slavery multiplies its vileness. Those that partake of it are wallowing like pigs in the depravity of their own addictions.


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