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Linda Rodante

Forcing Abortion Referrals on Programs That Help Trafficking Victims

Will our government force organizations that help human trafficking victims to offer abortions? That is what a December 1st ruling by the Obama administration seems to be doing by denying funding to a Catholic program that helps trafficking victims. That denial was solely based on this reasoning: that the program did not offer referrals for abortions or “family planning.”

Isn’t this also interfering with religious freedom?

Check out the whole article: http://afterabortion.org/2011/abortion-wont-help-trafficking-victims/


4 comments on “Forcing Abortion Referrals on Programs That Help Trafficking Victims

  1. Tina Yeager
    January 1, 2012

    Programs to help trafficking victims should not be forced to expose women to further trauma through abortions. Not only will such government policy interfere with religious freedom, but it will also scar women and girls who can least afford to experience further violation and loss.

    • Linda Rodante
      January 3, 2012

      Thank you for your comment, Tina. I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. Sheryl
    January 4, 2012

    American society is in a pathetic place. Denying godly programs that can truly help people through faith — and for the most part, denying God period — is bringing us down from being an effective world power. There is no president or presidential candidate, even Christian, that can be our savior if we don’t acknowledge the Real One.

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