Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Clearwater Task Force Against Human Trafficking–Quarterly Meeting

It warms my heart to see all the groups working together against human trafficking.  Police, Sheriff’s office, FBI, ICE, the NGO’s (non-government organizations), etc. The Salvation Army is doing a great job to help in this area. Go to their website and check it out!

We heard about more arrests of traffickers, and what is being done to help victims. There are two bills in the Florida Senate and one in the House. We need legislation to fight trafficking.

I have one question: Why isn’t more done to arrest the johns? If there was no demand (no one that would pay money for sex with young girls), this crime would not be happening.  California has a “john’s school” for first time offenders. The Bay Area needs something similar. We need legislation that will hold not just the traffickers, but also the john’s accountable. Put their picture in the papers, on TV, and arrest them, let them go to jail like their victims do. Prostitution is not just a crime for the girls, for the women, but for the men that are creating the demand!



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