Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Human Trafficking = forced servitude or sexual slavery

Human trafficking is the second largest global criminal activity today and brings in up to $32 billion a year. Because human trafficking is so lucrative it is quickly gaining on drug trafficking and could be the number one criminal activity in the world within a year or two.

Trafficking is a world wide crime. It is not limited to one country. The perpetrators and johns (those that use the girls and boys, women and men that are enslaved) are not often caught and convicted of their crime. Instead the victims are often caught and convicted, even though they have been forced– by physical beatings, rapes, threats, and drugs–into prostitution, labor, or domestic servitude by their traffickers.

25% of these victims are trafficked from southern and eastern Europe. Greece is frequently named as the center of human trafficking in Europe.

In the US, 100,000 to 300,000 children disappear each year. Many of these, if not most, are now thought to be victims of human trafficking.

What can you do? Join one of the many groups who are fighting this: The A21 Campaign, World Relief, Shared Hope, Transitions Global and many others. Call your state senator and representative and ask what is being done about human trafficking in your state.


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