Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

The Princess and the Fairy Tale

Just wondering as Christmas draws close and we buy our daughters and granddaughters all the stuff that goes with “being a princess,” are we setting them up for a fall later on? Are we telling them or showing them that life is “all about me?” Perhaps without meaning to, we are.

Do we need to tell them that there are no real princes out there? Not the perfect kind, anyway. And none that will be only interested in them. Because, after all, these are fairy tale princesses they are dressing up as–not real princesses or princes. The real princesses and princes can have a hard life. And things don’t always work out. Just ask Diana (if we could).

Perhaps we ought to take some time to make sure our little girls realize this is fantasy land and that real life–and real love–does not imitate fairy tales.


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