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Linda Rodante

The Disney Princess

Jennifer Beckman (the Disney Princess) spoke before an audience of up to 1500 women while in Orlando a couple of weeks ago.  She shared how at one time her main desire in life was to be a Disney Princess. Here is a short summary of that speech.

Jennifer’s main goal in life began at age seven when she saw Cinderella on a float at Walt Disney World. She decided right then that was what she wanted in life–to be a Disney Princess and ride a float in the parade. All through high school and later, she held to that desire–and it came to pass. She was selected to be Cinderella and ride the float for the opening of DisneyWorld in Japan. As she climbed onto the float that day, she suddenly realized that this was her dream—and what an empty dream it was.

Jennifer asked the women who attended the conference a couple of simple questions: Does God have your heart? Is your passion for Him? Or do the things of this world hold you captive? She referenced Matthew 22:37-40: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind, and your neighbor as yourself.

Is our heart filled with so much junk or your life so busy that your spiritual arteries are clogged? If we give our pain, our offenses, our sin, to God, we can unclog the arteries so that the Holy Spirit can flow through us once more. Revelation 2 accuses the church at Ephesus of leaving their first love. Are we that church? Jesus tells them to do the first works again. Make time for studying his Word, make time for prayer, make time for praising him—in private as well as corporately.

Our soul consists of our will and emotions. Our spirit is reborn, but our soul must be renewed day by day. If you are bored in your Christianity, perhaps it is because you are not pressing into the Kingdom. Are you wallowing in self pity, holding on to hurts you should have forgiven years ago? Denial won’t help. Take them to the Healer—take them to him and leave them there. Grow up, mature, move forward.

God has given us a mind with which to reason. Are we bringing every thought captive to him? We need to think right thoughts—think on things lovely, honest, true, and of good report. Renew your mind with God’s Word. Begin to replace unpure thoughts with his thoughts. It is not an instant process. This is not a McDonald’s drive-thru; but if we give it to him, he will begin the work.

The decisions you make today can change your future (and will effect everyone around you). If you abide in me, Jesus says, and my Word abides in you, you will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free.

A good word from a former princess.


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