Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Please Don’t Let Them Lie to You. Sex is not free!

Teens: Is the media and our culture lying to you about sex, abortions, and condom usage? Check around. I mean anyplace but the movies and TV. Check with your girlfriends. How many have broken hearts, how many feel used (listen to the bitterness in their voices), how many have STD’s or STI’s (if they’ll tell you), how many have had abortions (usually they won’t tell you because they’re still dealing with the emotional aftermath which “they” say doesn’t exist)?

The movies, TV, even books show having sex with someone as if it is no big deal. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be the hundreds of research projects on it. Every year. On STDs, on teenage pregnancy, on unwed mothers and poverty, on single parenting, on absentee fathers, etc…

Why is the culture and media pushing sex down our throats? Teens still want someone to marry–someone who will love them, who will stand by them, someone to laugh with, to love with, and who will be there for the long run. Marriage is good when it encompasses all that God meant it to. Why don’t we portray good marriages with the same gusto that we portray “friends with benefits”?

And parents: Is that TV show you’re watching really portraying what you want for you son or daughter? Is it showing the reality of sexual consequences? The broken hearts, the STD’s, the abortion rates? No? Then turn it off.


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