Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante


I have to congratulate everyone who took part in Saturday’s SlutWalk, in Tampa, Florida. The idea of the walk is to bring awareness to the fact that victims of sexual assault are often treated as if they “caused” or “forced” the assaults–by the way they dress.  As if these abusers, these rapists could somehow not control themselves when they see a sexy woman. We all know what a lie that is. If it was really so, every sexy girl or woman from four to  seventy-four (oh, yeah, some ultra sexy seventy-four year olds have been raped!) would have been sexually assaulted numerous times! 

Sorry, guys, you are going to have to take the rap for this.  You assault, you rape, then you are to blame! And you deserve prison time.

But just so I don’t sound one-sided, let me say something else. Women, we have been sold a bill of goods that sexy is the only way to go. Another lie! You do not have to expose your body to be great. You are great because God made you that way. I just want to say, why do you want some sleaze looking at you and thinking what he is obviously thinking, anyway?

America has become so sexualized that we don’t recognize ungodliness when we see it. Mothers buy their 4 year olds, their 6 year olds, their tweenagers, and teenagers clothing that looks like what hookers are given by their pimps. Really! Where is our common sense?

And please don’t tell your daughter she has a great butt (at 12, no less) and expect that not to effect her view of herself. Let her husband tell her that when she’s married. That’s what he can do, and then he can tell her he married her for more than that–because she would have shown him her wit, her intelligence, and her faith.  Love (and marriage) is so much more than sex. Sex is great, and God made it; but it is only a part of what love is, of what marriage is.

Let’s get back to the SlutWalk. Men, you have responsibility to do right–no matter what the woman is wearing.  And women, you have the responsibility to not wave a red flag in some pervert’s face. If we knew who they all were and when they might try to attack us, that could help; but that is fantasy.

You go out your front door in some slinky, tight dress, showing more cleavage than Madonna; and that neighbor guy you’ve never met is looking out his window–and planning.  It’s happened!

I say we join together with the decent guys (yeah, seriously, there are some) and quit the blaming and begin to ask, how can we stop sexual assault, how can we stop the demand?

Check out streetgrace.org.  See what Atlanta is doing.


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