Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

The Sexualization of America

Some in the media have said that they would push the boundaries as far as they could and then push some more. When it comes to sexuality, they have done just that; and the American people sat like frogs in the proverbial pan while the heat has been turned up higher and higher.  We don’t even know we’re being fried.

What used to be on at the XXX Movies, we now watch in family movies theaters, on the internet, or bring home for our own TV screens.  Sexuality transmitted diseases, abortions, divorce, emotional scarring, human trafficking–all of these have exploded since the so-called sexual revolution hit in the sixties. Things have not gotten better since then, only worse. Look at the sex scandals we’ve had over the last 20 years–a President, priests, senators, representatives, other political figures, congressional pages, entertainment figures, families. Look at the numbers of out-of-wedlock children being raised by one parent, remembering that single parenthood (esp women) is the biggest indicator of poverty.

All the statistics show that a child being raised by a married couple (man and woman) has the best chance of success and happiness in life. They show the same for the married couple–better sex, better health, longer life, and happier.

So why have we given all that up? Because the proliferation of lies from many in the media tells us it is not so.  When did the media, the movies, Hollywood, and TV begin to rule our country? Since when can’t we say “no” to lust, to immediate gratification? Mankind has done that since its creation. We can do it now. We can also save our money and minds from the trash out there by simply not buying, not watching, and not partaking of it. We need to turn things around; and a great place to start is by not putting our money down this sewer!


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