Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

Veronica’s Voice

Veronica’s Voice, a nonprofit organization, was formed to help women and children escape lives of sexual abuse and violence, and helps them transition into lives  free of exploitation. It was started by a woman who fled from an abusive home at the age of 12, only to be sexually abused, beaten, and tortured for years by those she met outside her home. When she finally managed to escape that life cycle, she started the center to help other women and children.

Veronica’s Voice was named for a friend of the founders who was murdered by a John (customer) at the age of 21. Many women caught in sexual abuse situations do not make it past their 21st birthday.

Most, like Veronica’s Voice’s founder, never had a life free of abuse. They do not even know what “normal” is.  Others have been kidnapped and trafficked by pimps and see no way to get free. In fact, they’ve long since given up on returning home. They are told and believe no one would want them now. An estimated 100,000 to 300,000 American girls and boys are trafficked every year within the United States alone. These women and children are victims.

Rehabilitation takes time, money, and understanding in special places like Veronica’s Voice; but rehabilitation and a new life is possible.


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