Writing for God, Fighting Human Trafficking

Linda Rodante

No child says I want to grow up to be a prostitute.

How can we share with people if we don’t let God touch our hearts about the issues he is passionate about? Often, we are afraid to get involved, afraid of what other people might think, afraid of the time it might take away from our busy schedules. Yet, if we know God at all, we know that if we surrender ourselves, our time, our resources, that he returns it many times over.

“Renting Lacy” is a book by Linda Smith, a former U.S. Representative, who founded Shared Hope International in 1998. Today, Shared Hope circles the globe helping to rescue women and children from slavery and working with their long term restoration needs. She also founded the War Against Trafficking Alliance in 2001.

I look at that and realize how far behind I am in knowing about and of being part of the struggle to expose this monstrosity. It’s 2011; and today, according to Wings of Shelter Int’l, a child is trafficked into the U.S. every ten minutes. Every ten minutes…


One comment on “No child says I want to grow up to be a prostitute.

  1. Linda Rodante
    August 19, 2011

    Thank you for your prayers and comments.

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